Print Options


Giclée Prints

Fine Art Giclée Prints can be printed on a selection of premium papers as well as canvas and use Epson Ultra Chrome K3 pigmented inks. This combination will give your art exceptional archival quality that can last up to 108 years if displayed properly.


Chromira Prints

At 300 PPI, the images produced on Chromira printers are of the highest photographic quality in the industry, ensuring that you receive a breathtakingly precise image on professional photographic paper.

Laminated Wood Box Prints

Laminated wood box prints create a durable, long-lasting way to preserve and present your photographs. The print is mounted on an acid-free 3/8” thick surface and finished with a beveled edge. It is then laminated with a UV protective and moisture resistant coating. Various edge color options provide the opportunity to compliment and personalize a wood-mounted picture. A multitude of surface coating finishes are offered to enhance artwork. The wood has a coated, black, moisture-resistant finish on the back to ensure art is fully protected and maintains a clean, high-quality appearance from front to back. The material is recycled, eco-friendly wood coated with acid-free, UV protection, and a moisture resistant barrier. Surface finish options include: Velvet (Standard), Matte, Semi-Matte, and Satin.

Canvas Gallery Wrap

Fine Art Giclée Prints printed on canvas and stretched on a stretcher bar. The sides of the gallery wrapped canvas will have image area showing on the sides.

Custom Print Options

Custom printing is also avaiable. If you desire other print products please contact me or call 303.917.8001 and we can discuss other options and pricing.